Recent Obituaries 4/6/2020

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  Name Date of Birth Date of Death                             Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Keith Walker5/8/19324/4/2020 Michael Thiel4/7/19533/27/2020
Rose Connolly7/25/19553/26/2020 Charles Van Scyoc9/21/19673/26/2020
Marian Novitske8/28/19233/25/2020 Carol Lamonska1/26/19363/20/2020
Cathleen Hoover8/4/19523/18/2020 Armon Fischer6/10/19253/16/2020
Charles Johnson11/22/19373/16/2020 Caroline Machmueller: Due to current health precautions:9/8/19343/14/2020
Betty Jane Malzhan4/7/19333/11/2020 Susan "Sue" Ludjack6/21/19523/9/2020
Scott Endeward1/10/19653/5/2020 Doris Henslin3/7/19333/3/2020
Crandon Silloway3/2/20002/29/2020 Edmund Werch, Jr.6/23/19462/28/2020
Frieda Mittelstaedt10/26/19222/28/2020 Janice Grundahl8/2/19432/25/2020
Melvin Voight12/20/19272/24/2020 Klaus Rabenhorst: Due to current health precautions:7/28/19312/24/2020
Henry Miller3/30/19392/23/2020 DeWayne "Moon" Mueller4/13/19532/23/2020
Rogene Scoville5/14/19402/19/2020 Fred Domke1/5/19412/17/2020
Leslie Feder3/6/19462/16/2020 Robert Winters1/14/19502/12/2020
Jane Mantik7/21/19552/12/2020 Patricia Kelly2/18/19432/10/2020
Greg Tress3/14/19552/7/2020 Carolyn Burris1/20/19442/6/2020
Nola Rasske2/23/19322/6/2020 Arthur Lamonska1/31/19362/5/2020
William "Willie" Albrecht11/14/19352/5/2020 Elmyra Borgardt6/26/19272/4/2020
Kenneth Jorgensen10/12/19391/29/2020 Ruth Malzhan4/25/19241/27/2020
Ronald Bayer7/11/19471/27/2020 John Mill4/1/19611/21/2020
Harriet Degener11/28/19331/21/2020 Cynthia "Cindy" Theune10/29/19521/20/2020
Daniel Stindt1/14/19541/19/2020 Gilbert "Gib" Stibb4/26/19391/19/2020
Joseph Simmers5/14/19311/18/2020 Lois Mockridge12/18/19251/11/2020
Mary Krueger9/8/19251/10/2020 Regina Wiese8/28/19221/8/2020
Ronald Sina2/22/19511/6/2020 Gilbert Stoeberl8/5/19421/3/2020
Sharon Chappa4/24/19491/2/2020 Jeffrey Roggenbuck12/15/19581/2/2020
Rev. Father John Schmitz6/9/192712/27/2019

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